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Enabling the world to move value like it moves information today

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How We Got Here

Today's global payments infrastructure has more in common with the outdated postal system than this generation’s internet. Recognizing this friction in payments, our founders established Ripple with the idea of using blockchain technology and digital assets to enable financial institutions to send money across borders, instantly, reliably and for fractions of a penny.

This unification of the underlying infrastructure that ties institutions and providers together not only helps our customers grow their business but also it helps enable the world to move money like information moves today—a concept we refer to as the Internet of Value.

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What Makes Us Unique

Real customers, real products

Ripple is the only enterprise blockchain company today with products in commercial use. Ripple’s global payments network includes over 300 customers across 40+ countries and ?six continents.

Changing the financial system ?from within

We are working with regulators, governments, and central banks, not against them, to improve the way the world moves money.

The best digital asset built for payments

While all the financial institutions on our network enjoy faster, lower-cost global payments, those who use the digital asset XRP to source liquidity can do so in seconds. XRP is quicker, less costly and more scalable than any other digital asset.

Founded in 2012

To realize the vision for the Internet of Value

SBI Ripple Asia Formed

To accelerate the commercial use of blockchain in Japan and Korea

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Interledger Protocol (ILP) Launches

To ensure interoperability among all blockchain and legacy technology

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RippleNet Committee Formed

To create and maintain a rulebook that ensures operational consistency and legal clarity for every transaction

100+ on RippleNet

More than 100 financial institutions join RippleNet

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On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) Commercially Available

Customers on RippleNet use XRP to source liquidity on-demand

200+ on RippleNet

More than 200 financial institutions join RippleNet

Xpring Established

To build infrastructure and help innovative blockchain projects grow

UBRI Established

To support and accelerate academic research, technical development and innovation in blockchain, cryptocurrency and digital payments

MoneyGram Uses ODL

To power their RippleNet transactions between the U.S. and Mexico

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300+ on RippleNet

More than 300 financial institutions join RippleNet


Ripple’s leaders bring together decades of experience in technology, financial services and compliance.

Brad Garlinghouse


Marcus Treacher

SVP of Customer Success

David Schwartz


Monica Long

SVP of Marketing

Asheesh Birla

SVP of Product and Corporate Development

Ethan Beard

SVP of Xpring

Kiersten Hollars

SVP of People and Communications

Ron Will


Vidya Mani

VP of Engineering

Eric van Miltenburg

SVP of Global Operations and Business Development


Investors include globally recognized venture capital firms and strategic investors.

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